Emergency Electrician NorwichWe cover the following areas.

As a guide, we have Electricians available to work in all the largest towns and cities of Norfolk, including Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Cromer, Dereham, Fakenham and Thetford.

We might still help if you need an Electrician outside of these areas. Every day of the year, we’re here to help!

Electrical Emergency: What are they?

An electrical emergency should be classed as anything electrical related that puts people in potential danger. These could be risks involving electrical equipment sparking or smoking, to an electric problem leading to lack of lighting, heating or power. Emergencies involving electricity include:

A tripped circuit that does not reset.

The circuit breaker (MCB) or fuse wire should automatically ‘trip’ and ‘shut off’ when there is an electrical fault. The circuit breaker shuts off all power to that circuit when it has tripped. In some circumstances, where an RCD is involved, more than one circuit may be disconnected at once.

A malfunctioning circuit breaker could fail to trip, leaving your installation incapable of disconnecting the supply in the event of a fault, leaving you unprotected. If your consumer unit (fuse board) is making a buzzing or humming noise, this could indicate that the system is not functioning correctly and needs to be inspected.

An overloaded electrical outlet.

An outlet can overheat and burn if it is in too much demand for power. Black or brown marks may appear around the outlet as a result. If you notice a burned outlet, you should contact us immediately and avoid touching/using the outlet.

When a circuit is overloaded, it heats up due to excessive loading or when a short circuit occurs and trips the circuit breaker.

Common signs of overload: Buzzing, humming, smoking, smell

A persistent electrical problem.

It is a good idea to get in touch with us if you have been experiencing difficulty with an appliance or light for more than one hour. Electrical system malfunctions can put you at risk of severe injuries, which is why you should take steps to protect your family and keep your house’s electrical system in good working order.

Burnt or fishy smells could also be signs of damaged wires, so call us immediately if you notice them.

A power outage.

A power outage may be caused by a storm, a transformer problem, or even a scheduled outage by your utility provider. Before you contact us try to determine whether this is a power cut that affects yours and other properties or an electrical issue solely within your property. In the event of a power cut, you should call the utility company to find out if they have any solutions to the problem.

Our professional electricians should be contacted if they are unaware of what is happening. Electric shock may result from some electrical malfunctions. Ensure that the electrical system is regularly inspected and repaired to stay safe in your home.

Repairs in an electrical emergency

Among the tasks our emergency electricians perform to restore electricity are:

  • Damaged cable removal
  • Installation of a new mains distribution system
  • Changing the isolators
  • Performing electrical tests

Assessments of electrical safety

When our emergency electricians arrive on site, they assess the site to determine whether or not it is safe for them to work.

If the electrical connections to the property need to be cut, they’ll contact UK Power Networks and request that they turn off power to the property. Work to restore power will begin once site safety has been verified.

Our electricians have experience dealing with such situations, having worked where power has been cut. Temporary lighting and temporary main power can be provided to affected properties by arranging for generators. Within hours, we can arrange to have temporary power generators delivered.

Costs for Emergency call outs in Norwich & Norfolk.

Our electrician rates are as low as £42.50 per 30 minutes; we charge a minimum of 1 hour of labour. On assessment, we will agree with you a fixed quote to repair the electrical emergency.

What you get from Direct Electrical

  • Professionals with experience & vetting
  • We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Quality guarantee
  • With trade accreditation, you have peace of mind.

Some extra costs may occur

  • Components and materials
  • Materials and parts collection

We will not charge you for:

  • Parking rates
  • Travel time or fuel costs

Assuring you of our guarantee and accreditation

The trade fully accredits us. NICEIC has approved Direct Electrical as an Approved Contractor and Domestic Installer. In addition to our registration with TrustMark, we’re also members of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA). We also offer a 12-month quality guarantee.

With Direct Electrical, you can depend on getting the expert advice you need. BS 7671, “Requirements for Electrical Installations”, is the British standard that all electricians work to.

Electrical supplies in an emergency

Our emergency response electricians have a much larger spare parts and materials stock than our domestic electricians. When suppliers are closed, they can still fix various issues.

Large-scale incidents, however, often require ordering specialist parts and materials. To reduce the lead-time for emergency deliveries, we have agreements in place with major electrical wholesalers. Our emergency electricians can make orders and deliveries after hours, and orders for emergency parts receive priority service as well. Because of these supplier relationships, lead times for specialist parts were previously reduced from weeks to days.

Whenever possible, we strive to get replacement electrical parts and materials promptly.

our reviews

I was able to select the quickest and cheapest repair option from the alternatives suggested by your electrician. In less than an hour, he was able to resolve my issue. Thank you so much, I will use you again.

T Kellins / Norwich

Besides fixing the issue, he helped me with another electrical repair too while he was there! Excellent value for the money.

Joanne H / Great Yarmouth

Before arriving, he called to confirm his arrival time. Friendly, knowledgeable, and very polite. Several wire connections were checked and a faulty socket was fixed within a few minutes. Excellent service.

John S / Norwich