EV Charger Installation for New Homes & OfficesEV Charger Installation for New Homes & Offices

All new houses and offices in Norfolk will have to include “smart” charging devices that will charge vehicles during off-peak hours starting in 2022. Every five spaces in new office blocks must have a charging station.

With the new law, England will become the first country requiring electric vehicle chargers in all new homes.

Moreover, it will boost confidence in overcoming range anxiety for those switching from petrol or diesel cars, since many British households do not have garages or off-street parking.

According to the plan, more than 2,000 chargers would be in place by 2030 to prepare for the UK’s 2030 ban on new fossil-fuelled vehicles. Initially, the government proposed mandating a charging point and parking space in every new home by 2019.

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From 2022, your new home must have an EV charging point installed.

The new government legislation makes all charging points for electric cars mandatory in newly constructed homes in the UK. This legislation represents a significant step forward regarding the UK’s ambition to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Increasing the purchase of electric cars by 2030 will be the primary objective. There were just 0.7% of new vehicles purchased in the UK in 2018 were fully electric vehicles.

To foster the growth of electric vehicles in the UK, this new law requires all new houses with a parking area to be equipped with an electric charging station. Consequently, drivers will find it more accessible and more affordable to charge their electric cars, and emissions of carbon dioxide will decrease.

According to the Department of Transport, purchasers of newly built homes will no longer have to take advantage of government grants for electric chargers (often called the OLEV grant), which reimburse owners £500 for electric chargers. About 100,000 wall boxes have been installed as part of this scheme.

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New homes without off-street parking

Currently, if you’re a homeowner, you can apply for a discount through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.

Government officials have not yet detailed how they plan to accommodate homes without off-street parking. There has, however, been some investment in research projects that include wireless charging points, charging points extending from sidewalks, and possibly fitting chargers to lampposts.

Benefits of EV ChargersThe benefits of having an EV charger installed at home

Owners of electric cars with a dedicated parking space will have their device, enabling them to charge similar to a mobile phone. An electric car’s charging time is entirely determined by its battery size and the speed at which it demands.

From empty to complete, the battery of a typical electric car (60kWh) takes just under eight hours to charge with a standard 7kW charger. Pod Point, a company that offers home charging points for electric vehicles, estimates that motorists could save up to £1,000 using them compared to public charging points.

The Department of Transport is also requesting new private charge points that should incorporate ‘smart’ technology. In addition to intelligent charging, the government is also taking measures to improve the electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

As part of the government’s long-term Road to Zero strategy, £400 million will be allocated to the Charging Infrastructure Investment Fund to support the transition to zero emissions road transport and reduce emissions from internal combustion vehicles.

How does smart technology work?

Because ‘smart’ technology is connected to WiFi, it makes the best use of peak and off-peak electricity rates, saving motorists money and reducing costs. As a result of studies performed by Energy Systems Catapult over three years, most UK residents would choose smart-charging systems to avoid energy peak demands and reduce energy costs.

The government hopes it will reduce pressure on the electricity grid as more EVs can be charged overnight.

Benefits of ‘Smart’ charge points?

As well as providing greater convenience, Smart charging technology offers an array of benefits. These include:

Energy Consumption Reports A mobile app can provide users with data about their energy consumption and allow them to download reports in CSV format. Keeping track of your energy usage, monitor how green your charging is, and record work expenses.

Remote fixes  – Of course, cars and chargers will malfunction from time to time. By using Smart charging, you can always be connected, which means the problem is always diagnosed and fixed remotely so that you do not have to have an expert visit your home, which reduces the amount of downtime for your chargers.

Automatic updates – Manufacturers constantly develop and improve their software, so your charging point will remain up-to-date long after it was installed.

Impacts of the new electric vehicle charging law.

As we have seen with the most recent fuel crisis in Norfolk, electric vehicles will be far more convenient in the future.

While most vehicle owners were rushing to the pumps, electric vehicle owners were comfortably charging their battery-powered cars at homes. Alternatively, if they did not have a home charge point installed, plenty of electric vehicle owners still managed to get power with ease despite the lack of public EV charge points.

This new EV Charger installation law for new homes and offices will also secure future landlords of domestic homes and commercial premises. As a result, within the next decade, we could see:

  • Tenants having access to home electric vehicle chargers at no extra cost,
  • Office workers have an additional incentive to drive to work to charge their vehicles,
  • Properties without electric chargers could drop in value.


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