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Check to see if you are available for the OLEV Charging Grant

The UK are currently in a fight to reduce UK’s emissions by at least 68% by 2030, opposed to 1990 levels. This means there are government grants available to reduce the cost of EV Charging Installations. This can reduce the cost of installations by £500 – £10,000.

Find out about the new EV charging installation law for new homes and offices.

OLEV EV Charger Grants

The electric car charging systems we supply are OLEV (Office for Low Emission Vehicles) approved. By choosing us as an EV charger installer you can qualify for the Home Charge Grant and Workplace Charging Grant.

Find out if you are eligible for the grant below. Alternatively, give us a call on 01493 800668, for FREE advice and guidance regarding these grants.

EV Home Charger Installation Norfolk

Home Car Charging Points

Direct Electrical make choosing a supplier and installer for an EV home charger easy! Not only are we OLEV certified, but we offer the best EV car chargers on the market, at the most affordable prices.

Whether you are looking to add one of our Zappi EV chargers to your driveway or garage, we can offer affordable yet efficient solutions. There are many benefits of installing a dedicated EV charger to your home:

  1. Faster charging time than through the standard 3-pin plug,
  2. It’s more convenient than running a lead through your home or location the nearest public charging point,
  3. Our EV charger points are safer due to being weatherproof compared to the generic leads,
  4. Can add value to your home due to an increased demand for electric vehicles.
  5. The government will contribute to the cost with the Home Charge Grant.
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What is the average price of an EV charging point installation?

The average price of an EV charging point installation is £600 with the OLEV grant or £950 without.

Is there a price difference between high and end models for an EV charger?

There is very little difference in the installation of an EV charger between electric card models, so whether you drive a pricey Tesla or a cheap electric Ford – the price is around the same.

What kind of EV Charger should I purchase?

To narrow down choosing the correct electric vehicle charger for your car, we can help by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Am I eligible for the OLEV Grant?
  • What’s my budget?
  • Where am I going to install the EV charger?
  • Do I want to run off the mains electric or from green energy?
  • How fast do I need to charge my electric vehicle?

Your car may have come with a regular 3-pin charger that plugs into your conventional home sockets. However, they generally can only withdraw a maximum charge of 3kW, which is not fast enough to charge an electric car fully – even when plugged in overnight.

To combat this, we recommend installing a wall box charger at your home or workplace, enabling you to charge your car much faster. Although there is a cost to this, the upsides will see your electric vehicle ownership far more efficient.

The cost may not even be huge if you are qualified to receive the OLEV Charging Grant. A wall box EV charger is the cheapest alternative to running an extension cord through your home, and it’s far safer.

The wall boxes are generally installed outside your house or in your garage and are runs off your home’s electricity. The design of these wall box charging points allows your car to charge much faster than the conventional 3-pin plug.

Alternatively, your EV charging point can run off green energy such as solar or wind power. We offer a vast range of brands and help advise on the most suitable vehicle charging point for your car, budget and grant application.

Solar Panel EV Charger

Solar EV Chargers

Converting the power of the sun into electricity is an excellent investment for your car charging point. Why? Apart from the initial installation cost of the Solar Electric Vehicle Charger, the sun’s power is free to harness; therefore, charging your car is free.

All that is required to install a solar-powered EV charger is solar panels and a Smart EV charger that matches your vehicle requirements. We highly recommend the Zappi Smart EV charger. Solar electric charging points are renowned for their long term benefits such as:

  • Cutting your electricity bills,
  • Faster charging,
  • Reducing carbon footprint,
  • Can save installation costs if the solar inverter is built-in.

EV Charger Brands We Supply

Direct Electrical can supply and install any EV charger on the market. However, we recommend the following brands: Zappi, Wallbox, EO, Sync EV, Project EV, Andersen and Pod Point.

Pod Point Logo EV Charger

Zappi EV Charger

Zappi EV ChargerZappi is from British manufacturer MyEnergi, the top-selling Electric Vehicle charger, who built the first solar-powered EV charging point for home use.

They are the number one selling brand for EV chargers because their smart EV charger can operate with two functions.

Firstly, it can work as a standard charging point, taking electricity from the grid and charging your car. Secondly, it has the facility to charge your car using green energy, from installing a Solar PV for converting energy from the sun or even from wind-powered turbines.

The Zappi EV charger is also well known for monitoring your energy usage. By installing the innovative app on your phone, you can take complete control over electric car charging point, with such features as:

  • using timers to improve on costs of electrical tariffs,
  • fast charge mode when you are in a hurry,
  • eco modes to enhance the wattage of power used to charge the car,
  • displays of graphs to monitor your power usage.

Additionally, Zappi is the safest electric vehicle charger on the market, as it requires no additional earth rods due to improvements in PEN technology (loss of the Protective Earth and Neutral (PEN) conductor).

Installation costs start from £695. Choosing the Zappi EV smart charger certainly is the charging point of the future and is an investment you will see a return on for years to come.

Why Choose Direct Electrical for your EV Charger Installation?

Direct Electrical can undertake any aspect of EV charger installation in Norfolk. Our team is fully equipped with all the appropriate qualifications including:

  • EV charge point installer qualifications,
  • EVCP manufacturer approvals,
  • The appropriate insurance cover,

Although we are located in Great Yarmouth, our team travels across Norfolk including Norwich, Cromer and Thetford. Direct Electrical have years of experience in all electrical work and are a trusted trader of the East Anglian area.

Call us for any advice or a Free quotation on your EV Charger Installation on 07760 706 331.

our reviews

Grant was very helpful on the phone and on the day of installation. We own a Tesla and wanted a solar panel EV charger point on our garage. Direct Electrical helped with full process and saved us some money.


Mr Longfield / Norwich

We were tired of running a long extension cord through the house to charge our hybrid. Because of their reviews, we decied to give Direct Electrical a call. They installed a Wallbox near our drive and we are now experiencing better charge times.

Thank you Grant for your speediness.

Helen A / Great Yarmouth

Really happy with our Zappi EV charger. The government grant really helped with the cost, and Direct Electrical made the whole process super easy.

If I had one issue, it was I didn’t contact them sooner. Charging our car is now effortless and we don’t have to worry about overnight charging.

T Delaney / Thetford


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